Friday, 1 May 2015

Celebrate Each Day with Gloria!

Gloria ValVerde is a HERO to many designers as well as scrappers.  She has worked as a front end designer, and a back room organizer, as well as a never-flagging cheerleader for Ivy Scraps.   Gloria has helped me personally through the learning curve of design, and been one of my best inspirations. 

Some time ago, Gloria started making tribute kits for the members and designers at Ivy Scraps, and giving them as newsletter gifts.  Gloria always seemed to find the right colors, and the right theme for everyone.  We felt so honored, and overwhelmed when we saw the kit she made to reflect our own personalities. 

Now we are turning the tables.  This month, the designers at Ivy Scraps are making a kit to honor our own Gloria ValVerde.  If you follow this blog train from start to finish, you will collect a wonderful coordinated set, and you will get to know Gloria a bit better.
My kit features wordart.  Gloria often includes wordart in her kits, and she is well known around the scrap community for her way with words. 


To collect the whole series, follow the blog train and pick up the pieces of the kit Celebrate Each Day with Gloria!      YOU ARE HERE

Friday, 17 April 2015

Poor Neglected Blog!!!

I sort of got distracted, and forgot to post over here. 

Things have changed in the past year.  I am no longer an official designer at Ivy Scraps.  I retired from that position.  Now I just play. 

I still host a challenge, but switched to Create a Recipe Book.  I make a 4 x 6 starter kit, and those who complete the challenge get the rest of the kit for a prize.

Check out  the April challenge  HERE