Monday, 18 January 2016

We have a new year, and a new Scrapbooking site to play at!!
Oh Snap Let's Scrap is my new home on the web!! 

        Ivy Scraps has closed its doors, but Jan and Fay have kept our online family together with a brand new site.  There is no store, and no obligation to use any particular product.  You can use some of your old STASH, or if you are on a CT, you can post those pages too, and if you are active in the forum, you can even link up to the kit used!!    There are lots of challenges, games and chit chat too.  Check out the Bingo Game!!   It is like no other!

All are welcome, and we are looking forward to meeting new friends!!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Celebrate Each Day with Gloria!

Gloria ValVerde is a HERO to many designers as well as scrappers.  She has worked as a front end designer, and a back room organizer, as well as a never-flagging cheerleader for Ivy Scraps.   Gloria has helped me personally through the learning curve of design, and been one of my best inspirations. 

Some time ago, Gloria started making tribute kits for the members and designers at Ivy Scraps, and giving them as newsletter gifts.  Gloria always seemed to find the right colors, and the right theme for everyone.  We felt so honored, and overwhelmed when we saw the kit she made to reflect our own personalities. 

Now we are turning the tables.  This month, the designers at Ivy Scraps are making a kit to honor our own Gloria ValVerde.  If you follow this blog train from start to finish, you will collect a wonderful coordinated set, and you will get to know Gloria a bit better.
My kit features wordart.  Gloria often includes wordart in her kits, and she is well known around the scrap community for her way with words. 


To collect the whole series, follow the blog train and pick up the pieces of the kit Celebrate Each Day with Gloria!      YOU ARE HERE

Friday, 17 April 2015

Poor Neglected Blog!!!

I sort of got distracted, and forgot to post over here. 

Things have changed in the past year.  I am no longer an official designer at Ivy Scraps.  I retired from that position.  Now I just play. 

I still host a challenge, but switched to Create a Recipe Book.  I make a 4 x 6 starter kit, and those who complete the challenge get the rest of the kit for a prize.

Check out  the April challenge  HERE


Saturday, 17 May 2014

May Quick Pages At Ivy

Each month at Ivy scraps, one of the designers sponsors the Quick Page Challenge.  All of the members who sign up, are given a full size kit to make ONE quick page.  We load it to a file sharing site, and post the link in the challenge thread.  Then we can all collect the pages the others have made, and have a full themed album!  WIN  -  WIN!!  PLUS  -  Everyone who makes a quick page, gets a participation prize!!   Here is the thread, Ivy Scraps Quick Page Challenge, so you can go see what we have made!

This is the kit we got this month:  Liftoff by Sweet Dreamer Designs. 

Thank you for the fun, Sharon!!

Here is the page I made with this cute kit: 

And here is the one Bernie made: 

If you like them, head over to Ivy Scraps, and you can download these and others too!

Thanks for looking!!

Friday, 2 May 2014

iNSD Forum Hop at Ivy Scraps

This quick page is one of many hidden through the Ivy Scraps forum for iNSD weekend, May 3&4, 2014.  I hope you enjoy the hunt!!

I made this QP from the May Font Challenge prize, so if you like it, you can do the challenge and get the kit.  The wordart pack is free, just for stopping by.
The colors match all of the challenge prizes this month, as well as the May Mini Pixel kits. 

Here is a preview of SOME of the gifts you will find in the forums at  IVYSCRAPS this weekend.  

Some of us did not get our previews posted before the ad was made, there is more to be found!!  Have fun  on the hop!!

May Font Challenge

The Long Weekends of Summer are starting!!  

As most of you know, I sponsor the Font Challenge at Ivy Scraps.  Each month I choose 3 FREE fonts to feature, and give you a link to  download them.  My challenge to you is to use one or more of the fonts on a page, and post it at Ivy Scraps.  I make a set of wordart featuring the fonts, which you may use on your page, or use the fonts for your own words.  The wordart is free: just stop by the forum to pick it up (you do have to be registered, but that is free, too).

In May, I am asking you to use this month’s featured fonts to show us some of your weekend fun.  Whether it is a backyard barbecue, a camping trip, or a weekend in the city, show us how you celebrate.  

For everyone who completes the challenge during May, there is an additional prize, which I will send out by PM at Ivy.

I hope you enjoy the font challenge!!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Ivy Scraps April 2014 Quick Pages

Ivy Scraps features a Quick Page challenge each month, sponsored by one of our designers.  All members who sign up before the 15th of the month are given the featured kit to make one Quick Page.  We then post them in the forum for the other members to collect.  

This month, Katlen is sponsoring the challenge, with her kit Misty Morning.

Here is the page I made:

I am hosting Bernie’s page here as well.  Here it is:

Thank you KatLen, from both of us, for the kit!!